The “i9” Beast!

The introduction of AMD’s flagship the Ryzen Threadripper has already agitated the “Cold War of Benchmarks & Specs” and now with the newly launched Intel’s Core i9 X series processors, this is further upscaled. Till now Intel has been successful in stealing all the limelight that AMD gained so far.

2017-06-03 (2)

The above snap is from Intel’s official website. It can be seen that the new processors are based on latest skylake architecture and manufactured on 14nm fabrication process. The variant here is Core i9-7900X which is cheapest in X series but still comes with a hefty price tag of $999! What users get a return is a 10-core processor with Hyper-Threading support and 13.75MB of L3 cache. 2017-06-03 (1)

The processor comes at a base clock speed of 3.3Ghz which ramp ups to 4.3Ghz via Turbo boost 2.0 and to 4.5Ghz via Turbo boost 3.0. 2017-06-03 (3)

A well-known overclocker who goes by the online handle Elmor managed to push the processor to 5.7GHz using liquid nitrogen cooling. This allowed him to set a pair of benchmark records in Cinbebench R11.5 and R15, at difference clock speeds. Here is a look:

  • Core i9-7900X @ 5,755MHz: 3,181 points in Cinebench R15
  • Core i9-7900X @ 5,785MHz: 34.79 points in Cinebench R11.5

These are the highest score ever achieved by a deca-core processor.

From the overclocking perspective, it’s quite evident that there is ample headroom which exists in Intel’s new processors when heat is not a factor.


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